Mobile & Modular Home Insurance

Our dedicated team has been serving Kentucky mobile and modular homeowners just like you for over 50 years.

Mobile Home with Pergola

We can protect your home. Your home is more than a roof overhead — it’s the literal foundation of your daily life, which means you need insurance coverage that’s both versatile and dependable. 

We offer agreed loss payment with no depreciation and basic coverage as well as comprehensive packages for mobile and/or modular homes, including: 

  • Single or multi-sectional homes 
  • Homes located both inside and outside of a park
  • Homes located on private property
  • Owner and tenant-occupied homes
  • Small farms with modular/mobile homes

Discounts are available for modular and new homes and also for senior citizens.

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How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost?

Like most homeowner’s insurance policies, the cost of insurance coverage for a mobile or modular home in Kentucky will take a variety of factors into account, including:

  • Location — Is the home located in a park, out of a park, on private property, or on a small farm?
  • Home Age / Condition — How old is the home and what condition is the home in? 
  • Desired Coverage Levels — Are you looking for basic coverage or a more comprehensive package?

Why Use Sullivan Advantage for Mobile Home Insurance?

We want to find the best deal for you. We represent many companies and will shop and compare for you. We also look for discounts and offer many different payment plans.

We’re happy to explain the pros and cons of all insurance options and make recommendations based on your situation.

Whether you talk to Gerry, Sharon, or Ann Renee, you’ll always talk to a real and local person about your insurance. That means no automated phone banks, no disinterested call centers, and no hard-to-understand insurance jargon!

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