High-Risk Auto Insurance

We work with many insurance companies to offer affordable high-risk and non-standard auto insurance coverage — when other agencies cannot.

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You know that you’re a responsible driver, and so do we. You want to make sure you’re adequately covered by auto insurance when on the road, but you’re struggling to find a company that offers “high-risk” (or “non-standard”) auto insurance. Others find fault with your driving record or make you jump through hoops because you’ve never had insurance before.

It’s time for a change — with over 50 years in the business, the Sullivan Insurance team is here to make it happen. When other insurance companies say no, we say yes!

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Is High-Risk or Non-Standard Auto Insurance for You?

High-risk or non-standard auto insurance is required when an insurance company decides you’re more at risk because:

  • You’re a new driver and/or 1st time vehicle owner
  • You haven’t had insurance for a while
  • You’ve had an accident(s)
  • You have some “dings” on your driving record

We can help you find insurance that fits your budget, giving you peace of mind while you’re behind the wheel, today and months down the road.

We offer versatility in our approach to coverage — in fact, our office represents more than a dozen different insurance companies and we will shop, compare, find discounts, and offer you the most affordable quote for your needs.

How the Sullivan Insurance Team Can Help You

We choose to work with drivers just like you — honest, careful, and willing to work to build a great driving record — because we believe in you.

We know that it only takes one accident or a bad streak of luck, to make other agencies turn you away, or stick you with high insurance rates for years.

We don’t feel that’s fair, and we’re sure you don’t either! Despite past insurance hurdles, we can and will insure you. Our auto insurance team will help you get over those “bumps in the road” while connecting you with the reliable and affordable coverage you deserve.

When you work with our team, in addition to competitive rates (regardless of your driving history), you can take advantage of our monthly payment plans as well as flexible payment plans due to financial and credit limitations. Ask about our bundle discounts too — you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ll get for a reasonable price.

Whether you talk to Gerry, Sharon, or AnnRenee, you’ll always talk to a real and local person about your insurance. That means no automated phone banks, no disinterested call centers, and no hard-to-understand insurance jargon!

Let’s get started on your auto policy so you can slide into the driver’s seat feeling confident — contact us today for your free auto insurance quote!

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